Dr. Todd E. White is a Research Biologist and a current Career Development Awardee from The Department of Veteran Affairs as well as an Instructor at Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM). He earned his Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Harvard University and his Ph.D. in neuroscience from The University of Florida (UF). Dr. White then completed postdoctoral training at UF and MSM. He is mentored by Dr. Shan Ping Yu.  Dr. White has over 20 years of research experience focused on the study of neurotrauma and potential treatment protocols. During his doctoral studies, he performed neurotransplantation of fetal tissue and stem cells, gene therapy, and pharmacological treatments in an effort to restore anatomical connectivity and functional behavior following spinal cord injury. His postdoctoral work expanded into the area of traumatic brain injury (TBI), genomics, and bioinformatics in an effort to understand the common genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of acute brain injuries. He has published on patterns of gene expression in injured spinal cord, neuroplasticity, neuronal progenitor transplantation and respiratory outcomes following upper cervical spinal cord injury and more recently on gene expression patterns following unilateral traumatic brain injury. Part of the most recent work has been the significant use of bioinformatics analyses and the development of a logical process for finding the central genes in the observed expression patterns.

Research Interests:

Dr. White's research interests center on discovering and developing effective therapies to treat neurotrauma. His current project involves the development of a preclinical model of chronic repetitive mild TBI. This model will integrate the use of Next-generation sequencing and behavioral testing in order to correlate blood molecular signatures with chronic behavioral states. Additionally, this model will serve as a vehicle for testing experimental therapies. This research will aid in the development of clinically relevant diagnostic and treatment protocols to properly identify and treat persistent symptoms following chronic repetitive mild TBI.


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Todd White

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Research Biologist, Atlanta VAMC
Instructor, Morehouse School of Medicine