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NEW FUNDING Fall 2016:  Wolf awarded GVU/IPaT Research and Engagement Seed Grant

Congratulations to Steve Wolf, PhDDr. Wolf is one of twelve winners of the 2016-2017 GVU/IPaT Research & Engagement grant competition, which aims to support research initiatives committed to interdisciplinary research and innovation in the human experience of computing. Dr. Wolf's new grant, "New structure for sending glove," will develop a glove to be worn on the more impaired hand following stroke to record anti-haptic movements. 

NEW FUNDING Fall 2016:  Rodriguez receives VA SPiRE Award

Congratulations to Amy Rodriguez, PhD on her new SPiRE project “Acute exercise effects on word learning in aging and stroke-induced aphasia.”  Difficulty retrieving words is the most common complaint in healthy aging and aphasia and has a negative impact on functioning and well-being. This SPiRE will investigate the immediate effects of exercise on word learning in healthy older adults and individuals with stroke-induced aphasia. The results will inform the development of targeted, exercise-based word retrieval treatments for our aging Veterans.

NEW FUNDING Fall 2016:  Sathian awarded VA SPiRE funding

Dr. Krish Sathian, MD, PhD has been awarded new SPiRE funding.  The new project is titled “Spatial Cognitive Training in Visual Impairment” and it is slotted to begin in the fall of 2016. Spatial cognitive abilities represent an important target for rehabilitation of individuals with vision loss. The study will examine the utility of adding telerehabilitative spatial cognitive training to orientation and mobility training that is the mainstay of low vision rehabilitation.  Congratulations Dr. Sathian!

NEW FUNDING Summer 2016:  Allen Receives VA Career Development Award

Rachael Allen, PhD has received funding for a Career Development Award “Neuroprotective Strategies for Retinopathy and Cognition in Diabetes.”  Dr. Allen will look to identify an earlier treatment window for diabetes — a disease that affects nearly 20% of Veterans in the VA system — to develop early clinical treatments prior to obvious signs and symptoms.  

NEW FUNDING Spring 2016:  Butler awarded ORH grant

On April 1, 2016, Andrew Butler, PhD, MBA, MPT, started a new Office of Rural Health project entitled “National Rural Stroke Telerobotic Rehabilitation Headquarters for the Enterprise Wide Expansion of Rural Stroke Telerobotic Rehabilitation Access.” The project aims to establish a Headquarters in Atlanta, GA to coordinate, train, and promote Telerobotic rehabilitation for stroke survivors living in our rural communities. In addition to current sites in Alabama and Georgia, other sites around the country will be added. The National Rural Stroke Robotic Tele-rehabilitation Initiative is expected to treat 150 rural Veterans in three years, saving an estimated 600,000 driving miles!

NEW FUNDING Spring 2016 - Nocera and McGregor awarded Innovation funding

Drs. Joe Nocera and Keith McGregor have recently been awarded an Office of Rural Health seed grant in collaboration with the VA Center for Innovation for their project, "Improving Mobility in Rural Veterans Using the Apple Watch." This multi-year project funds the development and deployment of a physical activity tracking and exercise regimen delivery application using technology procured from the VA Mobile group at VA Central Office in Washington, DC. The project seeks to improve physical fitness in rural Veterans by delivering customized exercise regimens that can be accurately and interactively tracked to assist Veterans in engaging in directed regular aerobic exercise sessions. The project is a highlight of how VA interdepartmental cooperation can improve Veteran health outcomes by leveraging key strengths of each group. The project has been selected to be part of the VA Center for Innovations' Accelerator program (one of 20 such projects identified nationally).

NEW FUNDING Spring 2016:  Maa receives VA Center of Innovation Spread Grant

Dr. April Maa is one of four recipients nationally of a VA Center of Innovation Spread Grant.  The grant is titled "Expansion of Technology-based Eye Care Services (TECS)."  TECS is a successful tele-ophthalmology program, which screens Veterans in their Community-Based Outpatient Clinic, near their homes, for common eye conditions such as cataract and glaucoma, dramatically improving their access and diagnosis of disease at an earlier stage.  This grant will spread TECS to the national level by instituting two new sites at other VA's in the country.  The grant will run through September 2016, with an opportunity for sustainment into 2017.  Congratulations Dr. Maa!

Madeleine Hackney receives 2015 Selma Jeanne Cohen Lecture Award

Congratulations to Madeleine Hackney, PhD, VA Research Scientist & Emory Assistant Professor of Medicine, who was recently awarded the 2015 Selma Jeanne Cohen Lecture Award by the Fulbright Association Board of Directors, and the Selma Jeanne Cohen Selection Committee (SJCSC). Her research focuses on the design and optimization of creative movement/dance-based therapies to improve mobility, cognition and quality of life in older individuals with movement disorders. The Selma Jeanne Cohen Fund for International Scholarship on Dance honors the pioneering and seminal contributions of preeminent dance historian Selma Jeanne Cohen.

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