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Technology Horizons Featured in VA Research Currents, Fall 2014 Edition

David Ross' various research projects focusing on developing new technology to help Veterans with vision problems has been featured in the 2014 Fall Edition of VA Research Currents, Research News for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. VA Research Currents 2014 Fall Edition

Mr. Ross has multiple way-finding projects at the CVNR and one in collaboration with the University of Maryland. Those projects are helping those with vision loss to find their way around easier and more effectively.

Congratulations - it's so exciting to have this new technology in the works.

More details about Mr. Ross' projects can be found in our CVNR Press Releases.

Atlanta Journal Constitution and VAngaurd Magazine feature CVNR Adapted Tango

Congratulations Dr. Madeleine Hackney! Her research on Adapted Tango and classes are featured in the Sept 10 issue of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the 2014 Fall Edition of VAngaurd Magazine. 

Link to AJC article:

Link to VAngaurd article:

Want a preview of what Adapted Tango classes are like? Click the link to see. Also, find out more information about her classes below.

CVNR Investigator offers Adapted Tango classes to improve balance and posture

Dr. Madeleine E. Hackney, Research Health Scientist of the Atlanta VA Center of Excellence for Visual & Neurocognitive Rehabilitation, has been sponsored by the Georgia Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association to offer FREE adapted tango classes.

"Adapted Tango" is a series of Argentine Tango dance lessons designed by Dr. Hackney to improve mobility in older adults with balance and mobility problems, such as Parkinson's Disease. All ability levels and ages are welcome. Individuals with balance challenges are encouraged to bring a caregiver or supportive friend.

Under the guidance of attentive instructor, Dr. Ronda Patino, dance students enjoy a head to toe warm-up, partnering improvement exercises, activities to promote rhythm and musicality, and the chance to learn several classic Argentine tango steps.  Ample time to practice is included in each session. This program has been tested in VA funded research studies and has demonstrated to improve mobility, balance, walking ability and quality of life in older adults with mobility issues.

Dr. Hackney states, "Adapted tango is meant to be fun and inclusive. Through this dance program, generations have come together and shared in a delightful musical art form while improving overall mobility and perhaps, health."

The first session was held in July at the Atlanta VA and was a huge success. The second session started August 26, 2014 and runs until October 2, 2014. Classes are free and held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00pm at the Clairmont Place Retirement Community in Decatur. For more information about future sessions, contact Ariyana (Aaron) Bozzorg to register at 404-321-6111 x6277 or

Adapted Tango Flyer (242.8 KB)

Community Focus

On May 20th, Dr. Joe Nocera and  Dr. Keith McGregor provided an educational program for the Druid Hills Civitan Club. Although the focus on the talk was related to research in healthy aging, members were also excited to hear about all of the research programs at the CVNR.  Members enjoyed and appreciated the talks on fall prevention, exercise, and motor ability. 

Dr. McGregor also received the 2014 Outstanding Research in Aging Award from the Civitan Group of Atlanta. Congratulations!

Key Research Findings Featured in VA Research Currents, Spring 2014 Edition

Dr. Machelle Pardue's research on how exercise wards off retinal damage is being featured in the Spring Edition of VA Research Currents, Research News for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. VA Research Currents 2014 Spring Edition

New York Times publishes article featuring Jeffrey Boatright, PhD & Machelle Pardue, PhD: Exercising for Healthier Eyes

Congratulations to Dr. Pardue, Dr. Boatright, & their colleagues! Their research on benefits of exercise in reducing the effects of macular degeneration have been featured in the New York Times.  New York Times: Exercising for Healthier Eyes